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Regions in Transition: Book presentation January 10th in Rotterdam

On Tuesday the 10th of January 2012 the book 'Regions in Transition', co-authored by Stefan Hartman one of the ETFI researchers, will be presented at the NAI in Rotterdam. The book of the Design and Politics series addresses spatial planning issues and provides new guidelines for developing regional planning narratives.

Regions in Transition is the fifth publication in the Design and Politics series, an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment on the interplay between planning, design and politics. This volume provides new guidelines for developing regional planning narratives. Stefan Hartman of the ETFI co-authored the contribution by the University of Groningen. Apart from the University of Groningen partners in two design practices, Zandbelt&vandenBerg and Fabric, address the issue of how regions can give shape to their own spatial development in a way that is of value for the Netherlands as a whole.

Spatial planning issues are increasingly being tackled at the regional scale. This and the shift in spatial planning responsibilities stress that regions must outline their own perspectives on how they are to develop spatially. They must have distinguishing narratives that pick up on global trends and local initiatives as well as bind investment and innovation to the region. These should be narratives that build upon area-specific qualities along logical lines and strengthen complementarity among the regions.

This publication analyses this task: how are those regional narratives to be conveyed? It is no longer the case that the ‘ultimate’ narrative or concept needs developing in one fell swoop. Instead, regions should pick up on changes that are bringing about global trends and local initiatives, and keep searching for the ‘strengths’ to be found, sometimes hidden, on their own territory. The term used to describe this quality of taking account of changes so as to make the most of opportunities and avert danger, is ‘adaptive capacity’ – a term whose use in this context will be explained within this book.
Regions in Transition is officially presented at the NAi in Rotterdam on Tuesday the 10th of January at 20:00-22:00. The authors will present their contributions, followed by a panel discussion with practitioners and researchers (o.a. Henk Ovink, Ministery of Infrastructure; Joost Schrijnen, Deltaprogramma Zuidwestelijke Delta; Gert de Roo, University of Groningen.) More information and registration can be found at: - in Dutch only
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