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Futures Forum, Napoli and Friuli

From October 21 through October 28, a number of prestigious international scholars spoke at the Futures Forum in Naples, an event organized by the chamber of commerce of Udine and Forum Universale delle Culture di Napoli. ETFI researcher Jeroen Oskam was present to give a keynote.

Future Forum
With local stakeholders, residents and reseachers imminent changes were discussed in how we work, in the economy, science and ethics, technology and knowledge transfer, health care and health, taste and nutrition, in our cities and in tourism. On the latter subject, keynotes were given by Jeroen Oskam, Program Manager at ETFI, and Alain Dupeyras, Head of the Tourism Unit of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Keynote Jeroen Oskam
In a session with Sonia Ferrari (Università della Calabria) and Donatella Bernabò Silorata, who is a journalist for La Repubblica Napoli, Jeroen Oskam gave his view on the long term future of tourism and on how these developments would affect our future experiences. He spoke about ETFI projects such as:

  • the future of Qatari tourism, where workforce scarcity was identified as a bottleneck
  • the effects of political disruptions in Europe
  • pressure of mass tourism on cities
  • the growing power in our industry of companies as Google.

Asked about specific changes for the future on tourism in southern Italy, youth unemployment was identified as one of the main factors that will lead to change.

Keynote Alain Dupeyras
Alain Dupeyras spoke about synergies between tourism and the creative economy, a part of the global economy that has performed above average in the last decade. Dupeyras recommended a shift from conventional heritage-based tourism to contemporary forms of creativity. The integration of creative content with tourist experiences can add value by reaching new target groups, improving destination image and competitiveness, and supporting the growth of the creative industries and creative exports. A summary of all keynotes can be found at the Youtube-channel of the Futures Forum Napoli.

Keynote Albert Postma in Udine
On November 5th ETFI’s Albert Postma will deliver a keynote on the same subject at the Udine edition of the Futures Forum, Friuli Futures Forum.



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