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| 6 November 2012 11:17 | Comment

Tourism has become the main economic activity in the Wadden Sea area. However, the mainland of Friesland and Groningen do not benefit from the many visitors of the Wadden Islands.

| 5 November 2012 15:46 | Comment

“Fryslan needs to anticipate on shifts in consumer behaviour“.

| 3 October 2012 14:53 | Comment

On the 25th of September Friesland Holland organised the knowledge and innovation day on the theme of Friesland holiday land. During the plenary part questions were asked to Albert Postma in order to get to know more about the centre of knowledge ETFI and its latest published research 'Er kan...

| 18 September 2012 12:37 | Comment

De 'Ynterfryske Rie' (interfrisian board), organisators of the 'interfrisian managers and policy makers meeting' brought their guests to Landal Greenparks in Esonstad and to the Wadden Island Schiermonnikook. The content of the meeting aimed to show the uniqueness of these places and to discuss...

| 29 August 2012 08:23 | Comment

So far, the North is primarily a domestic destination, with in 2011 only 16% of its tourists coming from abroad. Mainly from Germany (57%) and Belgium (12%). However, the Chamber of Commerce sees international tourism potentially as an important pillar for the economy.

| 27 August 2012 14:26 | Comment

'Eigen Bedrijf', the business magazine of the Northern Netherlands recently published an article about the ETFI project 'Northern Netherlands as international holiday destination' assigned by the Kamer van Koophandel. The outcomes of this research show many opportunities to attract new...