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Will there still be animals in the future zoo?

Will we still have enough time and money to visit zoos in the future? What will happen if we will not be allowed to hold animals in the future?

During a workshop the ETFI researchers elaborated several possible scenarios for future zoo's.Two important uncertainties influencing the experience of the Atalanta Zoo in the future were elaborated:

  • The purchasing power and available time of the visitors and
  • The presence of animals in the zoo (Social acceptability of holding animals and legislation)

Leading towards the following four scenarios:

1.    Back to basic
Visit this down to earth petting zoo 24/7 and get a 50% entrance reduction. Take your friends and family and pet and feed the animals as often and long as you wish.

2.    As an ape in-between the apes
Live now for one day as an ape with the apes. Adopt a baby lion, choose its name and experience his life day-in and day-out. You could never experience real animals so close ever before.

3.    The full virtual safari experience
Come and visit this new phenomenal theme park and experience exotic animal from closer than you could have ever imagined. Virtual experiences and special effects will make this an experience you will never forget.

4.    Apes for the I-phone 4
Download now the Ape-App for your I-phone 4 and experience the zoo whenever and wherever you like.



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