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Research Reports of 2014

Touristic and recreational potential of the Afsluitdijk

Research report about the wishes of (potential) visitors to the Afsluitdijk.

This report provides an insight in visits to the Afsluitdijk and forecasts for possible visitor growth, when future plans for a new touristic and recreational Afsluitdijk will be realized. Furthermore, this report gives an overview of the characteristics of visitors as well as the visit (group composition, size etc.), desire for future visits and the perception of visitors towards the touristic and recreational plans for the new Afsluitdijk. Finally, the report contains a brief description of tour operators’ role and type of visitors travelling with these tour operators.

Wadden Dike: Chances for an unique Leisure Landscape

Development of Tourism & Leisure attractions in the Wadden Dike area.

The current report is a proposal for the exploration of opportunities for the development of tourism and leisure attractions in the Wadden Dike area. An increasing amount of plans and initiatives shows that there is a demand for innovation in the region, a need for innovation that is sometimes justified to mitigate the consequences of depopulation and to improve the liveability; sometimes by the missed economic potential of tourist streams that go directly to the Wadden Islands, and sometimes by the pride and love for the region and the conviction that the culture and landscape of the Wadden Coast can give visitors an enriching experience.

Sports Axis Amsterdam

Research Report on Sports tourism on the Sports Axis Amsterdam.

Sport has become an intrinsic part of the modern society. Touristic destinations embrace sport increasingly in order to develop identity and destinations, and brand cities. This project evolves round the question: How can Sport Axis Amsterdam anticipate in sports tourism? The centre of Expertise in Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality (CELTH) has conducted research which focuses on the possibilities that sport tourism offers for the South Axis of Amsterdam. The south axis have to evolve from a divided region into an intergraded leisure landscape.

Journal of Tourism Futures v1.1 March 2014

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This first issue of the Journal of Tourism Futures is a result of the growing awareness, in academia but especially in the professional world, of the increasing importance of tourism as a social phenomenon and as an economic sector. If we see that the impact on our lives, our culture and our economy is growing, it becomes urgent that we understand how things will evolve, which variables determine this development and where we should intervene. The goal of this initiative is to bring academic rigor to the study of the future of tourism.

Individual subscirptions from €80,- a year 
Journal of Tourism Futures is a acadamic magazine which at least is published 1 time a year.

Sustainable Tourism 2040

A research document about the development of sustainable solutions in the tourism industry

In this manifesto the European Tourism Futures Institute challenges the way sustainable development is practiced by modern tourism businesses. The European Tourism Futures Institute wants to satisfy the need for an approach where the commercial interests of the industry are connected with the real meaning of sustainability. The institute believes that tourism business could use the original principles of sustainability as a source for gaining competitive advantage.

The Future of Zoos

A scenario planning approach about the future of zoos.

The developments in this world on all sorts of levels are going fast; faster than what we were used to a couple of decades ago. Change is coming and trends are quickly developing. The future is coming faster to a reality. What we thought to be impossible a while ago is already considered to be normal in this time. To be prepared for the fast arriving future it is important to look ahead and to prepare accordingly. This is of course also true for zoos. A tool that can help with looking ahead is scenario planning.

The Future of European Tourism

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Like economists and meteorologists, its relatively easy to understand and predict with accuracy the weather for the coming weeks or the economic outlook for the next six months. However taking the longer view is more uncertain. The Future of European Tourism addresses undercurrents of change and probes alternative perspectives of the future through the writing and ideas of a range of academics and thinkers who challenge the norm and are not scared to think outside the box. The present state of ...

Only € 69,95  (incl.VAT/BTW)

Carnival Futures: Notting Hill Carnival 2020

The Notting Hill Carnival, the biggest street event in Europe

Carnival Futures: Notting Hill Carnival 2020 is a King’s Cultural Institute project led by Nicole Ferdinand (Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King’s College London) which sought to engage cultural organisations and other stakeholders in planning for the future of the Notting Hill Carnival.