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Research Reports of 2016

Group stays Ameland

Research into the dynamic future of group stays on the island Ameland

This research focuses on the possibilities for a reorientation or transition of the group stays sector on the island Ameland. The reason for this was the signal that the traditionally strongly resprented German group tend to stay less often and for a shorter period at the provided group stays on Ameland. The research was conducted by means of a supply analysis, demand analysis, mismatch-analysis and environmental analysis. Finally, three scenarios have been developed on the basis of which measures were proposed to promote a healthy and dynamic industry.

Tourism and economic potential wind farms municipality Emmen

The municipality of Emmen in the Netherlands has the target to place wind turbines in order to supply 95.5 megawatts (MW) of electricity. Before the wind turbines will be placed, it is required to research the effects of the future wind farms on the environment and tourism. Currently there are seven wind farm sites identified within the municipality. The results of this research will provide a perspective on the siting of wind farms to be realised in the municipality of Emmen. ETFI and Decisio recommend the municipality of Emmen to fit the wind farms into the (touristic) landscape.

The Wadden Sea Quality Status Report 2016

The Quality Status Report (QSR) indicates the quality of the Wadden Sea in biological, chemical and physical parameters. The reports are prepared by international scientists from Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands four years. For the QSR 2016 ETFI has analysed tourism and recreation in the Dutch Wadden Sea region. An examination has been fulfilled on how the UNESCO World Heritage status has affected the tourism sector.

Balancing tourism in Hamburg

This research provides an insight in visitors pressure and challenges where the city Hamburg has to deal with. The project is in line with the CELTH research project “Visitor pressure in European cities”.